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Tang Dynasty Tribute Horse (唐朝进贡马)



The tribute horse is a very dressed-up horse, and the one depicted in this ceramic Tang Dynasty reproduction is beautifully adorned. It's a statue of the kind of horse that, in ancient China, may have been gifted to a high official in the hopes of a preferential position in a competitive situation. The tribute horse can help with any type of competitive situation, including business, career, education, exams, legal situations, and more. Display the tribute horse near the entrance to your home or office, or your child's study area, positioned as if it had just entered.

This Beautiful "Tang Dynasty Tribute Horse" stands approximately 11.375" in height. It is in a brown, green and white finish that illustrates the tri-color drip glaze technique perfected during the Tang Dynasty, China's "golden age" of the arts, literature, design and culture.