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Small Convex Pa Kua MIrror (小凸爬跨镜)



A pa kua mirror is a powerful method of countering harsh negative energy that is afflicting a home from outside.

There are 3 types of pa kua mirrors - flat, concave & convex.

These small convex mirrors are suitable for a wide variety of circumstances. Their size makes them not overly conspicuous, yet the convex mirror can strongly deflect afflictions over a wide area. The "amulet" on the reverse side enhances the mirror's power.

A pa kua mirror should never be used indoors, where it will have a detrimental effect on the Feng Shui of the home. In fact, the mirrored center is covered with plastic film which should not be removed until the mirror is in place. A pa kua mirror also should never be used on a business, where it will drive away business luck along with negative energy.