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3 Legged Toad on Elephant (蟾蜍在大象上)



The lucky Three-Legged Toad, an unusual creature from Chinese mythology, is the most widely used symbolic figure in Feng Shui. Legend says that the toad goes out at night and brings money back to your home. It is considered a powerful symbol for attracting prosperity luck!

The toad being on the back of an elephant adds additional good luck for protection, wisdom, strength, kindness and fertility.

This beautiful symbol can be used in the home entry area (facing in), for overall good luck, or as if entering the office, for career success and prosperity luck.

This beautiful Three-Legged Toad on an elephant sits on a bed of old-style Chinese coins and gold ingots. It is in a golden finish, and measures approximately 4.5" in height and 5.75" in length.