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Large Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks



A pair of rose quartz mandarin ducks (粉晶鸳鸯) is one of the most powerful energizers for attracting and enhancing love and romantic relationships.

Rose quartz is considered the “stone of gentle love”. It is believed to have powerful healing properties. Its calming, cooling energy clears all types of negativity.  It resonates with the heart chakra, helping to achieve unconditional love for the self and for others.

The mandarin duck is native to East Asia. These unique and beautiful ducks mate for life and have always been considered a symbol for marital happiness. It is believed that placing a pair of these ducks in the southwest corner of your bedroom activates love, romance and marriage luck. Properly positioned and activated, they are AMAZING! Many people have used them with excellent results!

These mandarin ducks are hand carved from authentic rose quartz. Each duck measures approximately 3" in length.

Lotus leaf base and instructions for getting the best results are included.