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Small Arowana (小龙鱼)



The arowana is an amazing fish to which much power is attributed. It can bring extreme wealth to its owner, while also serving to protect the owner from bad luck. In Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, many wealthy tycoons have an aquarium with an arowana in their office, and many feel that they owe their success to this extraordinary fish. 

This beautiful arowana statue has old-style Chinese coins as scales! It can bring you a great deal of luck! It also can be given as a gift that is as unique as it is powerfully auspicious.

For career success, place the arowana in the north sector of your office or home office.

For overall wealth accumulation, place the statue in the southeast of your living room, dining room or foyer.

If you have a water feature in the above areas, place it near the feature! 

This Small Arowana statue measures approximately 3.75" in height and 5.75" in length. It is in a golden finish and rests on a dark brown base.