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Jewel-Encrusted Gold Ingot - 1.75" (中型珠光宝气金元宝)



Old-style Chinese gold ingot reproductions are potent symbols of material wealth. Our unique ingots are jewel-encrusted which adds a bit of 21st century bling to the antique-style ingot, and greatly enhances its power!

These are medium-size ingots, measuring approximately 1.75" in length. The sides of these ingots are decorated with raised dragon and phoenix images. The dragon and phoenix represent perfect balance and harmony - the ultimate in yin and yang. This means harmony in the way money will come to you as well as good relationship luck!  

Place the ingots on your desk, in your briefcase, in a wealth bowl or vase, on a wealth ship, or anywhere at all where you wish to promote your prosperity luck!