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Fuk, Luk, Sau - 3 Lucky Immortals (福禄寿 - 三位幸运仙人)



Fuk, Luk and Sau are 3 immortals who represent lucky stars controlling all types of good luck in a home or business. The symbols that they carry are associated with prosperity, good health, harmony, fertility, education and career success, and much more! Fuk, Luk and Sau are found in many different styles and sizes, and vary in the symbols that they carry. This unique set has, in the foreground, the "wealth pot" filled with gold ingots and flanked by the "lucky boy and girl" carrying additional beneficial symbols. This is one of the most beautiful and symbolically-rich sets that we have seen!

This magnificent Fuk, Luk and Sau is made of heavy brass and measures approximately 9" in height. It should be placed in a high location overlooking activities in a living room, family room, dining room or office.