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Shi-gan-dang Mountain with Fu Dog, Pi Yao, and 3-Legged Toad (泰山石敢当与傅狗和貔貅和3腿蟾蜍)



Traditionally erected near a village for protection, the "Shi-gan-dang mountain" is a stone with protective writing. This Shi-gan-dang can be located on your desk or in your living room! It is believed to protect from negative energy, sha chi, robbery, and blockages. In addition to the protection offered by the stone itself, this Shi-gan-dang is surround by a Fu Dog, a Pi Yao and a 3-Legged Toad, enhancing it's protective qualities and ensuring that it brings you excellent luck! Unlike a pa kua mirror, this powerful protector can be used to counter afflictions to a business, without driving off business itself. 

This magnificent "mountain" is made of brass and measures approximately 5 3/8" in height by 5 1/4" in width.