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3 Coin Prosperity Energizer - 1 Pre-Tied Set



3 old Chinese coins “activated” with red string are believed to encourage the flow of prosperity!

Carry a set in your wallet or purse. Attach them to your checkbook, phone, computer, fax machine, order book, investment files, safe, cash register, etc.! Wherever money or business flows through – or that you WANT it to flow through!

The coins do not have to be visible. They can be located in a purse pocket or behind credit cards, if you wish. However, it is important that the "yang" side of the coins (the 4-character side shown in the pictures) face, in the case of a wallet, you when you open the wallet. In the case of a purse, they can be located in an outer pocket facing your money. On a computer monitor or other device, they can be taped or glued to any side of the device, and should face away from the device.