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Since 1999, Master Aaron Lee Koch has offered his 8 Feng Shui clients and his American School of Classical Feng Shui students, the very best in Feng Shui cures, symbols and related merchandise. In fact, Master Aaron's upstate New York warehouse maintains the largest Feng Shui merchandise selection found between New York City and Toronto.

Now, Master Aaron offers a selection of carefully selected items online through The Feng Shui Mega Shop, easily accessible to everyone, and at competitive prices!

In addition to convenience, fair pricing, low cost or free shipping, and knowing that you are getting the "right stuff", there is another important advantage in purchasing from The Feng Shui Mega Shop.  Symbols and cures do not leave The Feng Shui Mega Shop until they have been meditated over eight times, smudged eight times, and blessed eight times. This ensures that each item is free of negative or extraneous energies, and that it is empowered to optimally generate protection and/or good luck for the user.